The Miles Clan

The Miles Clan

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Day at Brown's Camp, OR

Last year Greg began his search for 3 Wheelers. With the 4Runner being our main hobby, he wasn't looking to invest in 4Wheelers. He scored 3, and spent last winter wrenching on them in the garage so they'd be ready for the spring. Yes he went a little overboard, when does he not? He's a perfectionist and drives himself crazy getting things JUST RIGHT.

We took them out a few times, prior to Brown's Camp we went to a friend of Michael's. That's when we discovered the big one (the one G & I ride) needs work. We couldn't keep it running. So when we planned this day, we just decided to take the 4Runner, let it stretch it's legs, and let the boys follow us on their 3Wheelers. It was a day for them!

Loaded up the night before 


 Mike & Sean

 Goofing around

Letting the boys take the lead a while 


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