The Miles Clan

The Miles Clan

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Johnny Comes (aka Johnny's Twilight Tour)

Greg was DYING to get Johnny out to visit us before we move from here. Being like Greg, not exposed to the mountains, the glory of this sort of terrain. He also missed his best friend/brother. So part of Greg's birthday gift this year was a week with Johnny.

Yes, I am a Twilight fan(atic), thank you very much Gia! So anyway, yup, I like Twilight, a lot, love me for it, hate me for it, either way, deal with it! I change for no one! HAHA
Greg is an AMAZING sport when it comes to Twilight, from my rereading of the books, to taking me to the movies, and now, finding movie filming locations.

HOWEVER, Johnny is as much or MORE of a fan, as well as his 12yr old daughter Maddie. Once he learned how close we were to many of the filming locations from the first movie, he was all for finding them. It's beyond Twilight itself though, it's seeing more of our area, and seeing "movie filming locations" period. Heck, we hit any we can, wherever we go now.

So here's our adventures with Johnny. We had a BLAST and didn't want to let him leave. We're currently trying to find a way for him to make our next Cross Country Trip with us.

 Uncle Johnny & Sean at St.Helens

 We hit Portland for the Saturday Market and came upon other festivities

 Our personal tour guide (Jeremy on the right) around Portland

 Greg finding his inner Johnny

 The boyz at Kalama HS (site used as Forks HS)

 The 'diner' where Charlie & Bella always ate

 Found the BIG REVEAL locations, "I know what you are!", "How long have you BEEN 17?", "AWHILE"
Thank you Amy for the directions!!

 The Cullens House

 The Swan Residence

 Dress Shop location (also The Town Square from Halloween Town, across the street)

 The Book Store

 Dark alley the 'frat boys' followed Bella through

 Parking lot, Edward screeches to a stop, growls to scare the guys away....

 Restaurant where they have dinner after he 'rescues' her

 An afternoon long boarding along the Columbia River

 G "sling shot" me the entire way back haha

 Dag nab blogging out of order, back where the BIG REVEAL shots were done, cools signs at each spot so you know where and what scene

 On our way to find THE BASEBALL FIELD (undisclosed location)

 The ridge line Bella & Edward walk with the waterfall in the background. It's actually Multnomah Falls across the river (see just above the right of Mikes head), sweet editing

 Oh yeah, we found it!!

 What I call The Monkey Man Tree, that Emmet jumps up in to catch the baseball

 The tree in the center is actually where Bella & Esme play catcher & umpire

Johnny took us to eat YUMMY lunch at The Tippy Canoe. SWEEEET place! I think this day was one of our best! 

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