The Miles Clan

The Miles Clan

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick Weekend At My Sisters

FINALLY my sister and family found a house and got their things. They had only been in the house just under 2 weeks but the kids wanted to see their cousins and we wanted to offer up any help we could. So after a 2hr 20min drive from us to her in Lake Tapps, WA......

The oven in the island didn't work. So the guys pulled out the old, made a dump run and returned with the pretty new one!! 

It took some finagling to get the legs level so I'd reach down behind it for minor adjustments while Angele held onto my legs. Done and taking a rest.  Isnt' her new stove/oven pretty?

Yummy Breakfast





 The Lovely Pancake Maker Angele

Greg: "why are you bothering me?" 

Jeff: "go away Renee" 

So our last night there, G and I are in bed and Emily comes knocking. Since we're sleeping in her room I'm all "come on in, get what you need sweets". She needed nothing but permission.. "Auntie, is it alright if I write on the boys with a sharpie in the middle of the night?" she asks. "SURE, have at it!"

The results!!!! 

Pretty cool reading what she put, "stop moving" or "you talk in your sleep" hahahaha 

For our remaining time here, we wanted to find a halfway point to trade out the kids and such. So we stopped on the way home and ate at this cool little restaurant. 

He must really love me to put up with me. 

Sean and Mike are already ready to go back and visit!!

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